KRIS Jenner has appeared in a new unedited video from a Los Angeles party looking almost entirely unrecognizable.

The Kardashians star has been the center of photoshop scrutiny as many people have noticed discrepancies in unedited posts.

Kim and North attended Kourtney's baby shower


Kim and North attended Kourtney’s baby showerCredit: TikTok / Kim and North
They included an unedited clip of Kris looking nearly unrecognizable


They included an unedited clip of Kris looking nearly unrecognizableCredit: TikTok / Kim and North
The momager regularly uses filters on her photos


The momager regularly uses filters on her photosCredit: Instagram/ Kris Jenner

Now Kris, 67, has appeared in a new video from her daughter Kim Kardashian and granddaughter North West’s shared TikTok page.

In the clip, the momager and her family celebrated Kourtney Kardashian’s fourth baby shower, this time for her and Travis Barker’s unborn son.

The compilation began with Kim posing outside her older sister’s home, which was decorated to look like Disneyland.

Banners with the words “Baby Barker” hung from the lamp posts and there were large balloon bouquets to mimic Main Street in the theme park.

An old-fashioned Disney sign with the same words was used as decor out by Kourtney’s pool, and there were ice cream trucks and vendors holding sodas for guests.

The soon-to-be mom of four even had pretzel carts and flower arrangements using the famous Disney characters.

The Poosh founder utilized the old-fashioned Disney theme in her cake, which had Steamboat Mickey on the top in icing.

There was a popcorn cart and table filled with delicious treats for attendees.

Kourtney had a wishing tree where guests could leave messages for the baby-on-the-way and magical cookies and drinks with Disney themes.

In the video, Kim and North made sure to pose for a selfie, showing off their matching outfits in red and yellow.

The mother-daughter duo wore hairstyles of slicked-back ponytails with a swooping bang, the little girl with pigtails and her curls on display.

The pair showed off their shoes from the event, Kim in black pumps and her daughter in black combat boots.

North made sure to include a shot of her grandmother Kris Jenner, who attended the baby shower in a silky two-piece set.

The matriarch sported a long-sleeved blue top and matching pants, white sneakers, and a Mickey hat.

She held a mask in one hand as she spoke to someone across the lawn.

Kris’s face looked almost unrecognizable in the shot, as Kim and North left the video unedited.

Later, Kim posed in the photo booth and for silly selfies with her daughter before the post closed out.

The pair captioned their clip: “Happiest place on earth” with red heart emojis.


But fans were appalled by Kris’s appearance in the cheerful video, several taking to Reddit to discuss how different she looked than in her highly-edited Instagram posts.

“Guyssss, I screamed,” one wrote, resharing the original post.

“Jump scare. They must be super weird looking in person,” a second claimed.

“Horror Mickey Mouse haunting you thru your worst nightmares,” a third joked.

“Jesus – they have truly gone past the point of no return,” a fourth slammed.

“Kris looks like she is crying in agony not smiling. Terrifying,” a fifth remarked.

“Looks painful. Is her plastic face melting in the sun,” a sixth wrote.

“She’s going to go out the Joan Rivers way. Too old to keep nipping and tucking into oblivion. Scar tissue builds up and circulation is impeded,” a final surmised.


Fans are used to Kris Jenner’s more edited appearance on social media, as the TV star regularly uses filters and Photoshop to clean up her look.

The mother of six appeared decades younger while posing at a villa in Tuscany, where she jetted to last month.

She posted the snaps on Instagram at the time and captioned them: “Under the Tuscan sun.”

Critics shared their amazement at Kris’ youthful appearance in the comments.

One asked: “Ummm who’s this?? And where’s Kris at?”

Another commented: “You are looking like 25 doll.”

A third wanted to know: “Kris, why don’t you accept your age? Your photos are processed.”

“When you just discovered the FaceApp,” yet another user joked, referring to the editing tool.

Kris is known for smoothing out her skin using editing apps


Kris is known for smoothing out her skin using editing appsCredit: Instagram/ Samer Khouzami
Fans are appalled by the difference in unedited pics


Fans are appalled by the difference in unedited picsCredit: Splash

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