KYLIE Jenner has left fans unimpressed after posting another sexy social media video showing off her body.

In the video, the reality star shows off her tiny waist in baggy sweatpants and a tight black cropped T-shirt.

Kylie Jenner shows off her tiny waist in sweats and tight top for a new video


Kylie Jenner shows off her tiny waist in sweats and tight top for a new videoCredit: Instagram/kyliejenner
Critics say they are tired of her ‘boring’ posts


Critics say they are tired of her ‘boring’ postsCredit: Instagram/kyliejenner

The Hulu star shows off various angles of herself lounging around her $36.5M home in comfy sportswear.

Critics, however, were not impressed by the video and sounded off on a Kardashian Reddit thread titled: “Different day, same exact content!”

“What a boring f**kin life, just staring at herself in a mirror or phone,” scathed one critic.

Another agreed: “Like I’m sorry I know she’s rich as sin and will never have to worry about so many problems we all have, but her entire existence being summed up to walking around her house posting selfies sounds absolutely miserable.”

“The only talent Kylie has is that she can take a million pics of herself every day portraying herself as something that’s NOTHING like she really is and having people believe,” wrote another critic.

The latest video comes as Kylie lost over 1million followers after bullying allegations.


Fans have been discussing the reality star’s fate in a popular Kardashian thread following accusations that she bullied Selena Gomez online.

One user started the conversation by sharing a TikTok video, examining the “decline” of Kylie’s fan base since the incident.

The clip showed photos of Kylie, 25, and Selena, 30, and screenshots of the duo’s Instagram follower counts.

The TikToker theorized that “people have made unfollowing Kylie Jenner a trend,” pointing out that the model has lost over 200,000 subscribers in the past few days, which has since escalated to 1million.

They also noted that a close friend of The Kardashians star, Hailey Bieber, 26, has also been losing followers for her part in the feud.

However, the video claimed Selena’s following has only increased, landing her over 1million new followers daily.

The poster seemed to take sides in their caption, bashing Kylie for her role in the drama.

They wrote: “Love it the more we need to stop making the KarTrashians relevant. Kylie has always gave mean girl vibes and hide behind her mommy when she gets backlash. I wonder how Kris [Jenner] is going to handle damage control.”

The comments section was flooded with similar remarks, with many believing Kylie’s career could be in jeopardy.


Kylie supposedly started a social media war that all began with a post about Selena’s eyebrows.

Selena first posted a TikTok video showing off her laminated eyebrows.

She commented: “I accidentally laminated my brows too much.”

Hours later, Hulu star Kylie posted a selfie to her Instagram stories with the words, “This was a mistake?” written over her eyebrows.

She also shared a screenshot of a FaceTime call with her best friend Hailey, which focused on their eyebrows.

Although fans immediately claimed the posts threw shade at Selena, Kylie quickly clapped back: “This is reaching.

“No shade towards Selena ever and I didn’t see her eyebrow posts!”

Selena even jumped in herself to put down any rumors of a feud.

She posted: “Agreed, It’s all unnecessary. I’m a fan of Kylie!”


Meantime, Kylie went on a recent photo-deleting spree on her Instagram erasing a slew of images and any references to her ex Travis Scott.

The Kardashians beauty deleted all photos referencing Travis, including snaps of Kylie wearing Travis’ shoe collection.

The reality star also deleted posts where he is pictured with their two children Stormi, five, and Aire, one.

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Eagle-eyed followers of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians alum shared their thoughts on a popular Reddit page following the family.

One person wrote: ” He must have really, really hurt her. For her to purge him from her social media presence like this.”

Kylie recently lost 1million followers over bullying accusations


Kylie recently lost 1million followers over bullying accusationsCredit: Coperni / BEEM
Kylie and Hailey Bieber were accused of bullying Selena Gomez


Kylie and Hailey Bieber were accused of bullying Selena GomezCredit: Getty
The Hulu star appears to have erased all signs of her relationship with Travis Scott on social media


The Hulu star appears to have erased all signs of her relationship with Travis Scott on social mediaCredit: The Mega Agency

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