LOVE Island fans think Jacques isn’t the only Islander who quit the villa last night, as they spotted Deji was missing from the show.

The Casa Amor hunk, who is coupled up with Indiyah, failed to get any screen time while drama played out elsewhere.

Fans wondered where Deji was last night


Fans wondered where Deji was last nightCredit: Eroteme
Deji joined the villa after Casa Amor but has not had much air time


Deji joined the villa after Casa Amor but has not had much air timeCredit: Eroteme

Those watching at home, rushed to comment on his absence, with one person writing: “Lmao did Deji also go home?? 😂😂#LoveIsland.”

“Where are the other islanders? Is Deji talking to Summer? Is Josh? 😩 #LoveIsland,” commented another.

Someone else added: “Where were Deji, Coco and Summer last night though?  #LoveIsland.”

While another joked: “MISSING : wheres deji att???? #LoveIsland.”

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I was on Love Island and I think Jacques was forced to leave by bosses

Indiyah brought Deji back from Casa Amor with her, while Dami coupled up with Summer.

But once the pair were reunited in the main villa they both made it clear they only had eyes for each other.

 Indiyah and Dami shared a passionate kiss after she decided to run outside to him when he moved to the outside bed to sleep.

Fans were left unhappy that Indiyah has been easily swayed back to Dami and they called on the producers to run Movie Night.

Over the past few seasons of Love Island, the producers of the series would run a Movie Night to show the islanders what really happened in Casa Amor.

Meanwhile Deji’s friends were forced to deny he had a girlfriend on the outside world.

A girl who claimed to be his lover uploaded a video to TikTok.

In it, she tagged his Love Island profile and added the caption: “Imagine finding out your boyfriend is going on Love Island.”

She then shared an image of Deji on her photo reel and told how she was given the boot in late June.

Yet, after the video went viral on TikTok, the situation was blurred when Deji’s mate – who is running his Twitter page – made a controversial comment.

In response to the alleged ex in question, he wrote: “She’s not even in the reserves … let alone the star player.”

Inidyah has now moved on from Deji


Inidyah has now moved on from DejiCredit: Eroteme

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