LOVE Island fans spotted “chemistry” between Ron’s dad and Lana’s mum as the stars met their potential in-laws.

The unlikely connection was picked up by viewers as they cheekily claimed there was more of a spark between them than Ron, 25, and Lana, 25.

Ron's dad and brother joined Lana's sister and mum in the villa


Ron’s dad and brother joined Lana’s sister and mum in the villaCredit: ITV2
Their families met


Their families metCredit: ITV
The parents embraced outside of the villa


The parents embraced outside of the villaCredit: ITV
Ron and Lana have been together since day one


Ron and Lana have been together since day oneCredit: Rex

The couple were famously said to have the least sexual chemistry in a public vote.

Sadly for fans, Lana’s mum and Ron’s dad are both married and were seen wearing wedding rings.

One viewer said: “The real tea is Ron’s dad and Lana’s mum have more chemistry with each other.”

Another insisted: “Ron dad coupled up with Lana mum?”

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Someone else said: “Ron definitely got everything he does from his Pops… Pops looks like he’s about to spit some game to Lana’s mum.”

A viewer added: “Ron’s dad and Lana’s mum have more chemistry than Ron and Lana tbf.”

Ron and Lana have had a mixed reaction from fans throughout their rocky relationship in the villa.

Viewers were concerned when Ron made a “mean” comment about Lana’s parenting style earlier this week during the Baby Challenge.

Ron, 25, and Lana, 25, were seen getting to grips with parenthood for the first time, after naming their baby daughter Addi-Bella.

However, the blonde Islander quickly left her beau to his parenting duties alone after the robotic doll began crying.

Lana was seen sitting separately from Ron as the baby screamed, while he did his best to try to calm it down as he revealed he was determined to be crowned the winner.

She covered her ears as Ron hit out that she wasn’t being hand’s on enough with their ‘daughter’.

But Lana admitted she wasn’t keen on the idea of doing much motherhood work – and didn’t plan on having kids anytime soon.

As a shocked Ron began to hit out that she wasn’t doing a good enough job, he then received a text that the boys were heading out for the day to a play park without the girls.

Scenes showed him enjoying time with the doll on the slides and swings, as he boasted the baby “didn’t cry when Lana wasn’t around”.

After arriving back in the villa, he reunited with his partner, before hitting out that the baby “really hates her” as it started crying again.

He told her: “When girls are good with kids, it’s really attractive… and you’ve not done that.

“I’ll be completely honest, you haven’t done that [been good] with our baby.”

Fans at home were left concerned over the comment, as Lana stayed silent, patting the baby on its back, telling Ron: “I am [trying] now.”

One wrote: “Ron was so rude to Lana. How are you going talk your girl like that?” as a second said: “Ron saying that to Lana was so awkward.”

A third chimed in on Twitter: “Ron spoke to Lana like absolute s**t tonight,” as a fourth added: “Ron telling Lana she was a bad mum, he’s constantly putting her down.”

“So we’re just going to ignore the way Ron was constantly sending digs at Lana the whole episode?” a fifth said.

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While a sixth concluded: “I’m sure Lana had tears after saying Ron was being mean to her…”

Love Island the final is tomorrow night at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX

Lana broke down in tears after seeing her mum


Lana broke down in tears after seeing her mumCredit: ITV2
Ron was seen making a dig at Lana


Ron was seen making a dig at LanaCredit: ITV

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