LOVE Island star Faye Winter won the jackpot when she walked out of the villa with fame, money and a model boyfriend.

But the 26-year-old insists she’d give up her new lifestyle at the drop of a hat if it risked her relationship with Teddy Soares.

Faye and Teddy finished third in Love Island 2021


Faye and Teddy finished third in Love Island 2021Credit: Rex
The happy couple are head over heels for each other


The happy couple are head over heels for each otherCredit: instagram

Despite many influencers rushing to secure pricey brand deals on products they don’t believe in, Faye bucked the trend by returning to her roots as a volunteer for Guide Dogs.

The estate agent, who boasts 1.2million Instagram followers, insists she’ll “never lose herself” – despite her life-changing stint on the reality TV show.

And in an exclusive interview with UK Times, the Campaign Star for Guide Dogs praised her other half for his support since leaving the villa.

“Me and Teddy always say as long as our relationship is good, then nothing else matters,” said Faye.

“I want my relationship to be the first and foremost thing. If me and Teddy started to go down the pan. I would give up jobs to make our relationship work.

“He’s my biggest fan. I couldn’t do this without him. Teddy supports every dream I have and I support every dream he has.

The couple moved into their dream home together


The couple moved into their dream home togetherCredit: instagram
Faye is a Campaign Star for Guide Dogs


Faye is a Campaign Star for Guide Dogs

“There’s no jealousy or competition. We both want each other to do well.

“I take my hat off to the Islanders like Liberty and Kaz now too for being able to go through what they are on their own.”

Faye famously flew off the handle during a fiery argument on Love Island, which left viewers shocked.

It led her to be one of the most badly trolled stars of the series.

But Faye has grown from her self-sabotage moment and gone on to be stronger than ever with Teddy who she bought a house with.

Faye said: “I had a very foggy and frosty view of relationships.

“I always thought something bad was going to happen.I never felt comfortable or confident, I was very insecure.

“I always worried there would be another woman or that I wasn’t good enough, but I don’t feel like that now.

“What I’ve learnt is that I am good enough and as long as I stay true to myself and what I love then I can’t go wrong.

“I needed to believe in myself a lot more. That comes through growth.”

But Faye is keen to insist her relationship with Teddy has its fair share of “normal” arguments.

“Teddy and I bicker. We’re a normal couple,” said Faye.

“We’ll bicker about who empties the dishwasher. I’m not perfect and I’m never going to say our relationship is perfect.

“People need to get the word ‘perfect’ out of their mind.

“I’ve had the worst trolling since coming out of Love Island, but I’m a good person, I know I have a good heart. I might not always execute what I want to say in the right way.”

Luckily for Teddy, he only has to compete for Faye’s attention with her four-legged friends from Guide Dogs.

The philanthropist fosters puppies when her work schedule allows, goes for dog walks and helps spread awareness of the charity.

“I was worried there would be a part of me that could get lost leaving Love Island,” admits Faye.

“When you’ve got this platform, some take the route of trying to get every deal they can.

“I’ve chosen to stick with my roots and continue working with Guide Dogs.

“There are so many roles that you can help with. A lot of people think the only way they can give back is to throw money at it. But there are so many opportunities to help by volunteering.”

Guide Dogs has 14,000 volunteers carrying out 23,500 roles and giving around 13million hours of support each year.

In 2020, community fundraisers helped the charity raise £4million.

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The 26-year-old cuddles up to a Guide Dog pup


The 26-year-old cuddles up to a Guide Dog pup
She volunteers in her spare time


She volunteers in her spare time

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