A SECRET Love Island feud has been ‘revealed’ by fans, after they spotted a clue that the islanders ‘hate each other.’

Some viewers of the hit ITV show have claimed that Tyrique doesn’t like Catherine, after the contestants were forced to choose who they think is least compatible last night.

Love Island fans think Tyrique has a 'secret grudge' against Catherine


Love Island fans think Tyrique has a ‘secret grudge’ against CatherineCredit: Eroteme
Fans questioned Tyrique's decision


Fans questioned Tyrique’s decisionCredit: Eroteme

Maya surprised the contestants by announcing Jess and Sammy, and also Mitch and Leah would now be single after being voted the least compatible.

And it happened after the stars all cast their votes – with Tyrique and Ella choosing Catherine and Scott.

Fans questioned this decision, as Ella and Catherine are close.

They claimed it was because Tyrique ‘hates’ his co-star, as one person wrote: “Ty has an agenda against Catherine and as usual he got the last word.”

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A second person added: “I’ve noticed it. He hated Catherine from day 1.”

A third echoed: “I’m sorry, but thinking about it Ty & Ella choosing Catherine & Scott over Sammy & Jess doesn’t sit right with me, especially with what Ella had to say about Sammy.”

And a fourth penned: “I don’t want it to be true but my radar is up when it comes to Tyrique and Catherine. Ty’s been moving weird af with her since the beginning.”

Stunning picture researcher Mal Nicol and hunky semi-pro footballer Montel McKenzie entered the villa last night as bombshells.

And the new arrivals will have their pick of four single Islanders after tonight’s episode split up couples Jess Harding and Sammy Root and Leah Taylor and Mitchel Taylor.

They were judged the villa’s least compatible couples by their co-stars in brutal twist announced by host Maya Jama.

Maya said: “As your fellow Islanders decided you are the two least compatible couples – all four of you are now single.

“You will also not be able to recouple with each other at the next recoupling. I have one last piece of news before I leave.

“Leah, Mitchel, Jess and Sammy, you are not the only single Islanders. Mal and Montel are waiting to date you at the front of the villa.”

And Scottish bombshell Mal could risk a row with Molly and Jess after admitting she’s ‘going to take their man.’

In Mal’s intro last night on the show she said she’d have no trouble stealing a man, and added that Zachariah has caught her eye too.

She said: “I do actually like Sammy. I think he’s quite funny and his personality is coming out more – there is something about him I fancy.

“I fancy Zach as well, Zach but I wouldn’t go in too strong on him as I feel like he’ll get a bit big for his boots because he’s had a lot of female attention. I think I’d play it cool with him.”

Finally, Mal threw bombshell Scott into the mix.

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She said: “Scott seems lovely – I think he’s got really nice eyes. But I do usually go for a rugby boy not a footballer…” 

Molly is currently coupled up with Zach, so there could be trouble afoot for the blonde beauty.

Tyrique and Ella chose Catherine and Scott


Tyrique and Ella chose Catherine and ScottCredit: Eroteme

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