MARTIN Lewis has warned thousands to claim new £400 energy bill help.

The money saving expert returned to our screens this week for the latest episode of the Martin Lewis Money Show.

Martin Lewis has warned thousands to claim new £400 energy bill help


Martin Lewis has warned thousands to claim new £400 energy bill helpCredit: ITV

This week’s show was focused on energy bills and Martin issued updates on new and ongoing cost of living payments for those needing support.

It comes as the Energy Price Guarantee (EPG), which is set at £2,500, is currently set to rise by £500 in April.

It determines how much the average household pays for energy bills.

Although, as part of next week’s Budget the Chancellor is now expected to extend the current EPG until July rather than increasing it.

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But, energy bills are still soaring and rising costs are putting pressure on households.

Martin explained that there are a number of funds available to help families battling energy costs.

One of them is the new £400 payment being dished out to people who live in a park, mobile or care home, or off the electricity grid.

The help is also available to people who pay their landlord directly for energy and they’re on a commercial, not a domestic tariff.

These households won’t have received the initial £400 energy rebate that has been dished out since October 2022 in £66 and £67 instalments.

Speaking on the show Martin said: “You can now apply for it at, the energy bills support page.

“Your council will pay the money into your bank account.

“If you’re in Northern Ireland, you can get £600 via”

Around 900,000 households can apply, including people who live in houseboats or have a communal electricity supply.

The government’s online portal is now open.

What other support is available to help with energy bills?

Martin went on to explain the other grants and payments available depending on a households’ circumstances.

He said that those expecting the £200 Alternative Fuel Payment should have received it last month.

He said: “If you haven’t, first thing to do, if you are on direct debit, check your bank account because that’s where it should have been paid.

“If you pay in receipt of bills or not direct debit, check your electricity account because it should have been credited to that.

“If you’re on prepay then you should have got a voucher.

“Those who don’t have an electricity company, totally off grid, you can apply through’s Alternative Fuel system.”

The money saving expert then moved on to the cost of living payments set to hit bank accounts later this year.

These include the £900 grant split into three £300 payments for those on benefits – which starts in April.

While, for people with disabilities, £150 is coming this summer.

And, pensioners are set to get £300 on top of the usual Winter Fuel Payment again this year – known as the Pensioner Cost of Living payment.

What can I get if I’m struggling right now?

If you’re struggling to pay your energy bills there is more help available to you right now too.

Millions are currently receiving a £400 energy rebate in six instalments starting from October last year, but the final payment worth £67 will be made this month.

At the moment all households with a domestic electricity meter or direct relationship with their provider receive the discount.

Martin Lewis’ has unveiled a new calculator that can give you an estimation of what your bills might go up to from next month.

There are also loads of schemes your energy supplier could provide, with some granting as much as £1,500.

British Gas, E.ON, Octopus and Ovo all offer grants worth hundreds of pounds.

But don’t worry if you don’t know who your supplier is – you can use Ofgem’s supplier search tool on its website.

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Alternatively, just ask your supplier directly what funding is available.

We also did a roundup of energy suppliers offering free credit to hard-up households – read our guide here.

Do you have a money problem that needs sorting? Get in touch by emailing [email protected]

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