MOLLY-MAE Hague thanked fans after they pointed out she’d made a huge security blunder on one of her YouTube vlogs.

Safety-conscious fans realised that Molly had unwittingly shared the security code on her baby monitor in the video and explained to her how it could allow someone to hack the system.

Molly-Mae deleted a YouTube video after making a security gaffe


Molly-Mae deleted a YouTube video after making a security gaffeCredit: Instagram
Molly and Tommy with daughter Bambi


Molly and Tommy with daughter BambiCredit: instagram

Grateful Molly shared her appreciation for the tip off and soon took the video down.

The Love Island star also apologised to fans on Instagram today after failing to post another vlog.

She explained that the audio and visuals were out of sync and as a result it might be a day later than than planned.

Molly-Mae takes her security extra seriously after thieves raided £800,000 of designer goods from her and boyfriend Tommy Fury’s former home in 2021.

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Boxer Tommy opened up about the terrifying robbery that saw burglars smash their way into the Manchester flat and make off with a vast haul of jewellery and designer items.

Tommy previously told UK Times: “It was a down time in our life – but we got through it.

“There’s a lot of celebrities being robbed, it’s rife at the moment and that is always going to be there. It’s terrible but it’s one of those things.

“We don’t dwell on it and we put it to the back of our mind. It is what it is.”

The star added: “When I’m not at home I do worry about Molly but I try to put it to the back of my mind otherwise it will affect me and my job.

“I won’t let them win. Molly is safe and sound and that’s my mindset – positivity.

“I don’t live my life wondering ‘what if this happens?’ You can’t think like that.”

The proud parents live in a £3.5m mansion


The proud parents live in a £3.5m mansionCredit: mollymae/Instagram

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