A GIRL was sent home from school and left in tears after a strict teacher said her trousers were “too tight”.

Nevie Rowbottom, 12, called her mum in floods of tears following her her first day in Year 8 at Colne Valley High in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

The schoolgirl was left 'humiliated' after she was told her trousers were too tight


The schoolgirl was left ‘humiliated’ after she was told her trousers were too tightCredit: Getty

The schoolgirl was left “humiliated” yesterday morning after teachers told her to try on replacement uniforms because her trousers were too tight, according to YorkshireLive.

Nevie’s mum, Tasha Minogue, said: “I am fuming! My daughter Nevie who is starting year 8 has been humiliated!

“I followed the uniform policy. I have ordered the pleated tailored grey skirts costing me a small fortune.

“Other girls were getting sent home if they refused to wear trousers or skirts they provided. This has really upset me and to be honest I’m fuming.

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“I think they have focused so much on appearance but for what? How is sending girls home for their appearance any better?”

Many other parents took to Facebook to vent their fury at the zero tolerance policy.

Paula Woods said: “My daughter got suspended as they said her trousers were too tight, they were fine.

“And the school didn’t contact me to say they had suspended her, she walked home and by the time she got home to Golcar I’d still not heard from them.

“Anything could have happened to her. It’s ridiculous.”

Laura Lozza said: “They made my daughter wear boys trousers today! She is a year 11 student and she has wore the same style skirt she has worn for 4 years at Colne Valley.

“It is ridiculous. Think they need to concentrate on their bullying policy never mind changing the uniform last minute!”

Colne Valley’s new principle Kate Smith said: “We introduced an updated uniform policy ready for September back in the summer term in response to parental feedback.

“We are very keen to work with parents and carers and have communicated regularly both before and throughout the summer holidays to ensure that they are aware of the changes and expectations.

“We have also regularly communicated the procedures for any student not following the policy and, upon return to school this term, this has been a very small minority.

“We know that purchasing uniform can be difficult for some families and so have offered full financial support to all families, whether in providing the uniform for them or supporting the purchase of uniform chosen by students and parents.

“We have also offered brand new uniform in school for any student to either borrow or use permanently so that all students can follow the school policy.

“We have not issued suspensions as a result of the uniform policy. As with any issue, we only ever suspend students as a last resort and after supportive and reasonable provisions have been offered or if a student continues to choose not to comply with the behaviour policy.

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“All of our policies aim to support all students in maintaining high standards of behaviour and learning.

“Our students have returned in a very mature and sensible fashion, enjoying their first day or first day back at CVHS and we thank our parents, carers and community for their continuing support.”

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