A WOMAN was sued by her mom over the $1million lottery prize that she had claimed.

Barbara Quiles filed a lawsuit in 2015 and said she felt her daughter Linza Ford had “stabbed her in the back,” a year before the case was settled.

Linza Ford (pictured) collected her check for a $1million prize on the New York lottery in 2012


Linza Ford (pictured) collected her check for a $1million prize on the New York lottery in 2012Credit: NEW YORK LOTTERY

Barbara claimed in the lawsuit, which was seen by the New York Post, that she had allowed Linza to cash in the winning lottery ticket, bought in November 2012.

The mom said that she couldn’t collect the prize as she battled ill health.  

Barbara claimed that the pair reached an agreement, allowing her daughter to claim the prize while she would have access to the winnings in a bank account.  

Yearly payments of more than $31,000 over 20 years were expected to be deposited into the account.

Barbara said that she didn’t want there to be any issues over potential inheritance money.

Linza disputed her mom’s account as she told The Post: “It was my ticket, signed by me. I went to the office in the Bronx. She even went with me to claim the ticket.”

Barbara has spoken about the ordeal and said she was left heartbroken.

She told The New York Post: “I felt like she stabbed me not in the back but right in the heart and twisted the knife.”

Barbara told The Daily News: “It’s heartbreaking what she’s done.”

The mom said she had access to the bank account where the winnings were deposited between 2012 and 2014 before she realized the card stopped working, according to the court documents.

Linza was 19 when she won big on the $5 scratch-off ticket that was bought from a grocery store.

Speaking at a New York Lottery event, she told how she was forced to drop out of her studies at Hofstra University, Long Island.

Linza revealed that she wanted to use her winnings to pay off her student debt and help her family.

She also said that she wanted to return to school, adding: “Education is important to me.”

Linza expressed a desire to work in the social sector with children.

The case involving the mom and daughter was settled in May 2016.

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Linza’s attorney at the time Alexander Levy told The New York Daily News: “A mutual settlement was reached amongst the parties.”

The terms of the agreed settlement were not disclosed to the public.

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