OUR House viewers have called out the “far-fetched and unbelievable” plot hole in the latest instalment.

On Wednesday episode, Fi continued to piece together how her £2million home was sold without her knowledge – however fans have insisted that the pair “would surely have a massive mortgage” to sort out, making the whole storyline implausible.

Our House viewers were baffled by obvious blunders in the latest episode


Our House viewers were baffled by obvious blunders in the latest episodeCredit: ITV
Viewers are convinced that the couple would still have a huge mortgage


Viewers are convinced that the couple would still have a huge mortgageCredit: ITV

Viewers were left questioning how the young couple could afford to pay off their mortgage already and thought it was “unrealistic” that they owned the huge property outright.

One wrote: “#OurHouse Surely they have a massive mortgage which would have to be sorted out.”

Another posted: “I’m sure that they wouldn’t have already paid off the mortgage. So even if it was sold they’d have to pay the mortgage off first. #OurHouse”

A third shared: “How disappointing! Far-fetched, unbelievable and rubbish characters. #OurHouse”

Our House viewers call out 'unrealistic' plot hole with sprawling family home
Our House fans spot same thing as they complain of feeling 'claustrophobic'

“#OurHouse This is so far fetched and unreal, they would definitely have a huge mortgage, they’ve only lived in that house for 10 years,” someone else tweeted.

Meanwhile, other ITV viewers were left scratching their heads at blunders involving the sale of the property.

One wrote: “This is too far-fetched. There are so many checks in property buying and selling, this sort of this wouldn’t happen. #OurHouse.

The ITV series follows the story of estranged couple Fi and Bram that embark on a “birdnesting” arrangement.

Fi returned home to find it had been sold, leaving her homeless and penniless.

A series of flashbacks throughout the series show the breakdown of the couple’s marriage after Fi caught Bram cheating with their neighbour, Merle.

Following a car accident, Bram is blackmailed by con artists Toby and Wendy.

They threaten to go to the police with evidence that he ran a car off the road, which let an eight-year-old in a coma.

He goes ahead with the house viewings behind Fi’s back and drops the price of by £30,000 to get a quick sale.

After a trip away, Fi realises that she’s still in love with Bram and they enjoy a passionate moment.

They appear to rekindled their romance, until Bram suggests they sell the house and move away – but a furious Fi is adamant that she won’t sell and demands he leaves.

Back to current day, Toby discovered that Bram has run off with the £2million and puts pressure on Fi to find out his whereabouts.

In another flashback, Bram is quizzed by the police about his missing car and is told that the little girl died – making it a manslaughter case and leaving him riddled with guilt.

He visits Fi to confess but is horrified to find Toby in his house and loses it.

Fi and Toby go away for a few days giving Bram a chance to clear out the house. But it’s clear that Bram has double crossed the scammers and has taken the money and fled.

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Fi and Toby go in search of Bram, but Toby lets slip about Bram’s “other”” affair, despite Fi never having told him about her husband’s infidelity years ago.

The mum-of-two is left terrified as it dawns on her that she can’t trust Toby.

Our House continues Thursday at 9pm on ITV.

Some fans thought the series was 'far-fetched' and 'unbelievable'


Some fans thought the series was ‘far-fetched’ and ‘unbelievable’Credit: ITV

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