NEW car buyers are getting expert advice from number crunching guru Rachel Riley to make sure their new car doesn’t run them into debt.

Teaming up with Auto Trader, the Countdown presenter is doing the maths to find out which car British drivers can really afford based on their own circumstances – and she could do the same for you.

 Rachel Riley is helping new car buyers manage their finances


Rachel Riley is helping new car buyers manage their financesCredit: YouTube: AutoTrader

Whether you are expecting a new baby, trying to impress a partner or simply want more room for your golf clubs, Riley has recommended a range of cars to suit any budget.

For one lucky motorist, the TV star helped unearth the cost of a new relationship, and found a classic VW campervan to fit in with his “investment in happiness”.

And it’s not just car buying advice Rachel is offering.

In one video for the #KnowYourNumbers YouTube series, aspiring golfer Brian got a handy tip that rings true both on and off the course during retirement.

 AutoTrader's YouTube series is full of Riley's classic wit


AutoTrader’s YouTube series is full of Riley’s classic witCredit: YouTube: AutoTrader

Rachel said: “The best piece of advice I could give you is to look after your balls.”

That’s golf balls, of course.

Along with the expense of lost golf balls, Riley worked out the new hobby would cost Brian £2,902 per year.

Coincidentally, the £241.83 per month in golfing fees is the same amount Riley advised motorist Brian to pay for a real Volkswagen Golf, as she signed off by wishing him luck “holding onto his balls”.

Rachel Riley helps Brian cost up his new golfing hobby, teeing up some useful budgeting tips along the way


Putting her jokes aside, the TV presenter gave some serious advice to those looking to add a new car into their budget.

She revealed the average person in the UK earns a salary of £27,271 – taking home around £1,818.81 each month after tax.

Direct debits for your mortgage, car payments, insurance, utility bills and Netflix subscriptions tot up to around £759.44 each month leaving £1,059.37 to spend on everything else you need – and want.

The maths whizz said: “Your budget covers everything from food, groceries, nights out, even holidays, and if you don’t know where you’re currently spending your money, it’s hard to know where you could be overspending and where simple conscious changes can give you more control over the money in your pocket.

 Riley has advice to help you stick to your budget


Riley has advice to help you stick to your budgetCredit: YouTube: AutoTrader

“Knowing your monthly incomings and outgoings will give you more peace of mind with your spending, safe in the knowledge you can afford what you’re buying and that you’re spending your cash on things that really matter to you.

“I’d encourage everyone to review their finances and make a budget that will work for them every now and then, especially when taking on a brand new financial commitment.”

 Rachel warned keen golfers to look after their balls as they move into retirement, along with juggling their car finances


Rachel warned keen golfers to look after their balls as they move into retirement, along with juggling their car financesCredit: YouTube: AutoTrader

See if any of these classic motors fit your budget

Riley’s #KnowYourNumbers YouTube series has been launched alongside the AutoTrader monthly price tool, which has been designed to help drivers work out exactly how much they can afford to pay for their new car each month.

Erin Baker, Auto Trader editorial director said: “Budgeting is hardly the most exciting thing in the world, but when it comes to buying a car on finance, knowing your monthly budget will make your search much easier, and it may even surprise you with the makes and models you would have assumed unaffordable.

“Knowing your numbers with car finance can also help you make some key decisions on the next car you buy, whether that be deciding between new or used, diesel or electric, or whether you really can afford the car of your dreams on monthly payment.”

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