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Friday, September 15, 2023

Scientist hyped up impact of global warming on wildfires to get study published

A SCIENTIST has admitted hyping up the impact of global warming on wildfires — in order to get a study published. Dr Patrick Brown...

What is a Blue Moon and when is the next one?

YOU may have heard the phrase "once in a blue moon", well here is where it's come from. The phenomenon known as a "blue...

Killer alien jellyfish may be lurking in the water on Jupiter’s moon

KILLER alien jellyfish may be lurking in the water — near Jupiter. Experts say conditions are perfect for the fearsome floating stingers, which may...

Longest living dogs ranked – with 1 breed having life expectancy of 13 years

JACK Russell terriers are the longest-living dogs, research shows. They topped a life expectancy league table for our four-legged friends with a typical lifespan...

Why some people get shocks off everything they touch

ELECTRIC shocks are normally avoidable unless you're an electrician but sometimes we all get random shocks from seemingly nothing. These annoying little electric shocks...

Third of kids think dinosaurs still roam the world, and most want one as...

A THIRD of kids think dinosaurs still roam the Earth, a survey found – and most want one as a pet. High-tech movies like...

Skeleton of Jurassic Park dinosaur sold for a staggering £10million

THE skeleton of a terrifying dinosaur featured in Jurassic Park was sold at auction for a staggering £10million. Fearsome Deinonychus, which had giant claws...

Aliens and UFOs were seen in the UK ‘more than 250 times’ last year

ALIENS were seen in the UK more than 250 times last year, it is claimed. Abductions, sightings of little green men and spaceships were...

Pet goldfish released into the wild are turning into 2ft killing machines

PET goldfish released into the wild are turning into 2ft killing machines which gorge on insects and tadpoles, experts claim. They are wreaking havoc...

Roman pendant shaped like a penis hailed ‘significant national find’

A ROMAN pendant in the shape of a penis has been hailed a “significant national find”. The silver willy was dug up on farmland...

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Victoria Valentine pays tribute to ‘heroic’ BBC co-stars after quitting

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This is why Greg James is missing from his Radio 1 breakfast slot

FANS of Radio 1's Greg James are used to tuning in to hear him wake them up every morning. However, today (September 15, 2023)...