JANINE Butcher is expecting a child with Mick Carter and is over the moon to see his commitment to her grow.

But a horrific accident bursts her bubble this week and her unborn baby could be in danger. Get the lowdown on the EastEnders drama.

Janin Butcher has an accident this week


Janin Butcher has an accident this weekCredit: BBC
Linda Carter remains by her side despite their differences


Linda Carter remains by her side despite their differencesCredit: BBC
Will her baby survive?


Will her baby survive?Credit: BBC
Nobody is even able to get hold of Mick


Nobody is even able to get hold of MickCredit: BBC

1. Janine goes to hospital

Albert Square residents are getting ready for the World Cup, the first tournament to take place in the northern autumn.

On a more personal note, however, Janine (portrayed by Charlie Brooks) is preparing for another chance at motherhood, although she initially planned to get an abortion.

This week, she attends her first baby scan appointment alongside her partner Mick (played by Danny Dyer), leaving Linda Carter alone on a busy day at The Vic.

Later on, Janine relishes in winding her love rival (Kellie Bright) up with her pregnancy but Linda storms off to meet with her Community Payback Officer, Murray.

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After gloating, the tables turn on Janine when she heads out alone.

She falls down the stairs at the Walford tube station.

Meanwhile, Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) reminds Mick to be sensitive around his former wife Linda when it comes to his relationship with Janine.

Unbeknownst to them, Janine is in the company of paramedics and Linda rushes over to her, despite their differences.

The Vic landlady is even willing to put her own life on hold as they’re unable to get hold of Mick due to him misplacing his phone.

Linda puts her differences with Janine aside and misses her appointment with Murray to be with Janine, who is rushed to the hospital.

Will Janine’s baby survive the accident?

Linda offers Mick her support... but Janine is mortified


Linda offers Mick her support… but Janine is mortifiedCredit: BBC

2. Mick opens up to Linda

While that remains to be seen, Janine definitely survives the fall.

In later scenes, as Janine recovers, she finds Mick in Albert Square with Linda, unaware of what they could be talking about.

Mick returns to her and Janine immediately confronts him about his whereabouts.

She then states she’s seen him with Linda but he tries to justify his actions.

Sadly for him, he’s floored to have the rug pulled out from under him as Janine makes a huge decision.

What’s in store for the couple as both of their exits are looming on the horizon?

Lola's cancer ordeal continues


Lola’s cancer ordeal continuesCredit: BBC

3. Lola makes tough decision

Diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour in recent scenes of the BBC One show, Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold) is at a loss.

But she’s able to make a difficult decision this week.

Coming up, Lola gets ready for her first radiotherapy appointment.

Overwhelmed by her own mortality, she’s also worried for her daughter Lexi (Isabella Brown).

Speaking of which…

Young Lexi hasn't been told about her mother's prognosis


Young Lexi hasn’t been told about her mother’s prognosisCredit: BBC

4. Lexi finds out the truth

While her closest friends and her partner Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) all know about her prognosis, Lola is still keeping it a secret from the young girl.

While Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) takes her to her appointment, clearly struggling to cope, Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) doesn’t feel comfortable with keeping Lexi in the dark.

Jay, Billy and Ben all encourage Lola to come clean to Lexi about still having cancer but the young mother snaps and storms off.

Ben follows her, pressuring her to tell Lexi the truth as he knows she will eventually pick up on it.

And the mechanic isn’t wrong.

A suspicious Lexi is unsettled when a letter arrives for Lola and she takes it to read.

Lola then gets an alarming call, warning her Lexi never showed up to school.

The ten-year-old is eventually found in the park and Lexi shows them the letter about Lola’s treatment, confirming she knows everything.

This prompts Lola to finally open up to her daughter.

How will Lexi react?

Will Suki ever follow her heart?


Will Suki ever follow her heart?Credit: BBC

5. Eve tries to save Suki

Eve Unwin (portrayed by Heather Peace) has been trying to get closer to the cold-hearted businesswoman Suki Panesar (Balvinder Sopal).

But as viewers may have noticed, the pair of women take one step forward and another two the opposite way.

Tired of the chase, Eve decides to take action following Suki’s arrest for the murder of Ranveer Gulati.

It all begins when she spots Suki and her husband Nish (Navin Chowdhry) return to Albert Square after her release.

Things don’t go well for Eve but they get worse when Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) decides to get involved.

The owner of Stacey’s Baps has a tense encounter with both Suki and Nish before sharing her concerns with Eve.

She begins to question if Suki may need help.

This is enough to convince Eve to step up.

Determined to help her, she worms her way into her life by using Nish.

Eve opens a door to him by offering him a business opportunity.

Nish then tells his son Vinny Panesar (Shiv Jalota) to run the call centre just as Eve takes her plan to the next level.

She points out to Nish that his lawyer has been shafting them all these years.

Will she manage to convince Nish she has his best interests at heart?


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Harvey matched with a woman named Sophia on a dating app - but is all as it seems?


Harvey matched with a woman named Sophia on a dating app – but is all as it seems?Credit: BBC

6. Harvey is spiralling

Walford cabbie Harvey Monroe (Ross Boatman) raises concerns this week.

Rocky Cotton (Brian Conley) is the first to notice something is amiss as he’s looking forward to the football.

However, Harvey fails to show up, prompting Rocky to enlist Mitch Baker’s help and find him.

The pair are floored when they realise Harvey hasn’t been seen in several days.

But they eventually find him dishevelled and living in squalor.

Harvey plays it down but he then admits he’s back in touch with Sophia who had initially ghosted him.

He admits to being besotted with her – but Alfie Moon believes she could be a catfish.

Theories about her real identity begin to swirl and Rock tries to do some digging for Harvey.

But will he find out who the mystery woman really is?

Rocky isn't being completely honest with Kathy Beale


Rocky isn’t being completely honest with Kathy BealeCredit: BBC

7. Rocky is keeping secrets

Meanwhile, somebody is feeling neglected.

Rocky wants to do what he can for his friend – but Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth) is irritated when he seems more concerned with Harvey than helping her in her new endeavour.

He quickly realises his mistake and rushes to the chippy.

While there, he enlists Freddie Slater and reluctant Bobby Beale’s helps to deep fry some cupcakes Kathy is struggling to sell.

Sadly, his plan backfires – how will he react?

In later scenes, Bobby gives Rocky some insight into Kathy, in an attempt to find a solution.

Rocky has yet another idea but he soon makes a shocking admission to Mitch Baker – the former con man is hiding something from Kathy.

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What could it be?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday on BBC One.

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