SHOPPERS are fuming over the “absolutely mad” price of Dove deodorant in Boots and several major supermarkets.

Small aerosols are being sold for as much as £6 a can.

Shoppers are furious at the price of Dove deodorant in Boots stores


Shoppers are furious at the price of Dove deodorant in Boots storesCredit: Alamy
Single cans were on sale for £6 in a branch in Glasgow Fort


Single cans were on sale for £6 in a branch in Glasgow FortCredit: Twitter

Boots has admitted its £6 price tag was a mistake, but is still charging an “extortionate” £4.50 like Sainsbury’s and Tesco.

Anyone who paid the extra £1.50 is entitled to a refund, the high street giant said.

Customer Paula Louise, who was in the Glasgow Fort branch, said on Twitter: “Hi Boots, are you ok? It’s just you’re selling a can of deodorant for £6 and I can’t quite believe it.”

Her post sparked outrage online from shoppers, who were just as shocked at the cost of the everyday staple.

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Law student Zoe Gemma, 24, said: “I think this tweet perfectly sums up the cost of living crisis.

“This deodorant used to be on sale for £2. Deodorant is a small but essential purchase.

“How are we supposed to afford to live if every essential item increases in price three times but our wages stay the same?”

Melila added: “I shed a tear paying for it. Just for it to finish in two weeks.”

Even Boots employees were stunned, with one worker saying: “When it came in I thought it was a mistake on the till. It’s absolute madness.”

Tesco and Sainsbury’s also left punters “gasping” by charging £4.50 or more.

Sarah, from Manchester, said: “I noticed this deodorant in Tesco yesterday at £4.80 for 250ml.”

Amy Duffy, from Tarves , Aberdeenshire, added: “I did the other day too. Genuinely did a, ‘Whaaat?!'”

Senior product designer Katy Dixon said: “I saw it for £4.50 in Tesco and took a gasp.”

And a fourth shopper, who was browsing the aisles in Sainsbury’s, fumed: “This is just crazy.”


Dove deodorant and anti-perspirant products are listed online elsewhere for significantly less – though in-store prices can vary.

Wilko and Ocado are advertising cans in the original scent for £2, while it is £2.10 in Waitrose.

The same product is listed on the Superdrug website for £4.79.

Shoppers can get the best deal by doing their research and using loyalty card points, coupons or vouchers.

A Boots customer service adviser said: “This new product has been incorrectly priced in our stores. It should be £4.50 in line with the RRP.

“We are rectifying this and hugely apologise for the error.

“Any customer that has paid £6 will be offered a refund for the difference.”

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Writer Mike Jennings, from Leicester, said: “£4.50 is absolutely still a p***take.”

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