A NEAT hack lets you track your iPhone even when the battery has died or been disabled by a thief.

Apple expert Niels van Straaten – known to his 1.2million Instagram followers as @appledsign – posts videos of tips and tricks for getting the most out of your iPhone.

Apple introduced the Find My iPhone feature in 2010 with the iOS 5 update


Apple introduced the Find My iPhone feature in 2010 with the iOS 5 updateCredit: Getty Images – Getty

“Almost every minute of the day I’m thinking about Apple,” van Straaten told UK Times.

“In iOS 15, they came to a point that they’re just utilizing the whole Apple ecosystem,” to make Apple products connected and traceable.

Van Straaten’s tracking tip starts with altering the iPhone’s factory settings, which allow access to the Control Center when the phone is locked. 

The Control Center features the flashlight tool, orientation locking and the button for activating AirPlane Mode.

Users can reach the Control Center by pulling down from the upper-right corner of their device. 

“The first thing a thief would do is toggle on Airplane Mode to disconnect from the internet,” and deactivate Location Services van Straaten said in his video tutorial.

Van Straaten showed users how to disable access to the Control Center when the iPhone is locked.

Simply click the Settings icon, click Face ID and Passcode and toggle off access to the Control Center. van Straaten toggled off access to USB accessories for good measure. 

Without the command center, thieves won’t be able to activate Airplane Mode and Location Services will keep operating.

Van Straaten noted iPhone users who want to apply this tip should have their Location Services set to ‘always on’. 

Once the device has been updated to these settings, you’re ready to finish setting up van Straaten’s hack. 

“Lastly go to your Apple ID, Find My, click on Find My iPhone, and make sure to toggle on Find My iPhone, Find My Network and Send Last Location,” he said in the post.

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Following van Straaten’s instructions will leave you with an iPhone that can be tracked when the device is not connected to the internet, in low power mode or even completely shut off. 

“Almost everyone has an iPhone and they are just utilizing this insane power of community to make this feature possible,” van Straaten told UK Times.

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