VANS are like buses – you’ll wait and wait for one to come along, then all of a sudden there are a dozen new models heading round the corner.

There is also more inbreeding and questionable decision making than in an entire series of Game Of Thrones.

 Renault's Master van has been tricked out


Renault’s Master van has been tricked outCredit: Photo by Paddy McGrath

Here are some of the latest vans you can buy on a 69-plate this September.

RENAULT MASTER: It has an enormous sliding glovebox and a smart pop-out table for your sandwiches above it. But UK versions won’t get either, apparently, because we prefer airbags to hit our heads rather than ham rolls.

Instead, there’s a new front-end design, loads of safety upgrades including blind-spot monitoring, side wind assist, and lane departure-warning, and an upgrade to the 2.3-litre engine.

The interior has been redesigned around a new 7in touchscreen. Also, the power is increased to 180hp and 400Nm of torque for the top-of-the-range vans.

 The Vauxhall Movano is also an attractive option


The Vauxhall Movano is also an attractive optionCredit: Vauxhall Motors

VAUXHALL MOVANO: A re-badged version of the Renault Master with a higher bonnet, new grille and bumpers.

It gets a rear-vision camera system to display a live feed of the view behind, just like the little Vauxhall Combo, and has all the safety kit from the Master.

No word on engines yet but other changes include super-bright LED lights in the load area and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to accompany the new wireless smartphone charging.

 Renault's Trafic has improved fuel economy


Renault’s Trafic has improved fuel economy

RENAULT TRAFIC: There is a new 2-litre turbo-diesel engine with 120hp, 145hp and a new 170hp option.

Fuel economy is up by ten per cent. But for those who still want the smaller 1.6-litre, the 95hp engine remains.

The rest is standard facelift fare – new front, headlights and chrome accent on the insides.

 Nissan's NV250 is a Kangoo with a different badge


Nissan’s NV250 is a Kangoo with a different badgeCredit: Nissan

NISSAN NV250: A re-badged Renault Kangoo with 1.5-litre engine, 800kg payload and up to 4.6 cubic metres of loadspace.

It will replace the combustion engine NV200 versions. Renault has also hinted at a new Kangoo, so expect the NV250 to be short-term. Nissan won’t be borrowing the electric drivetrain either, so no e-NV250.

Instead, the electric e-NV200 will stay on sale.

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