STRAY has plenty of items for you to collect, Energy Drinks are just one of them.

Now the game is available on PlayStation and on PC via Steam, everyone’s trying to track down these elusive items.

These vending machines give you the Energy Drinks


These vending machines give you the Energy DrinksCredit: Annapurna Interactive

The Slums are the first main area you’ll encounter in Stray, it’s a densely packed area with layers built on top of each other.

As you explore this area, you’ll no doubt come across a few collectables on your travels, but there’s one item more important than the rest.

Energy Drinks are the currency used throughout The Slums, and you need to find them on your adventures in order to get everything you need.

There are four Energy Drinks in the slums, each of which you can take to Azooz the merchant for other collectables, like Stray’s notebooks you’ll be tasked with finding early on.

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First Energy Drink location – Stray

Go to the rooftops near the apartment filled with books that you’ll need to go when you’re looking for the music sheets.

The Energy Drink will be a vending machine you can interact with on the level just below the interactable TV remote.

Second Energy Drink location – Stray

Starting from the previous vending machine, look around for Heptor. 

Head towards him and peek down into the gap between the buildings. The vending machine is hiding just down there.

Third Energy Drink location – Stray

Start at the laundromat and wander straight down some streets. There’s a vending machine at the end of the road next to some graffiti.

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Fourth Energy Drink location – Stray

The last vending machine is the easiest to find. From the entrance to The Slums head in the opposite direction to Azooz, down the stairs and it’s across from Morusque the musician.

Written by GLHF.

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