I caught my neighbour slashing my car tyres…8 YEARS after son angered him

[ad_1] A FURIOUS mum claimed she caught her neighbour slashing her car tyres – eight YEARS after her son kicked a ball into his garden. The woman said the neighbour has constantly hurled abuse over her fence and even threatened to kill her family dog over the years. 2 The TikToker claims their neighbour slashed … Read more

Grand Theft Auto 6’s female protagonist has angered fans

[ad_1] NEW details about the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game have been revealed, and fans are concerned the series is going ‘woke’. A leak described how GTA 6 would feature two protagonists based on Bonnie and Clyde including a latina woman. 1 GTA is known historically for only having male protagonists.Credit: Rockstar It was also … Read more