Labour MP Rosie Duffield cleared by party on anti-Semitism & transphobia claims

[ad_1] LABOUR MP Rosie Duffield has been cleared by the party on anti-Semitism and transphobia claims. The women’s rights campaigner yesterday said that she was found to have “no case to answer”. 1 Rosie Duffield has been cleared by the party on anti-Semitism and transphobia claimsCredit: Alamy Last year Labour launched a probe after the … Read more

Unis claim to oppose all forms of hate – so why is anti-Semitism flourishing?

[ad_1] EARLIER this week the US Congress had a hearing for the heads of some of the most elite education institutions in the world. The presidents of the universities of Harvard, MIT and Penn State all sat in front of the legislature of the federal government. 4 Pro-Palestine protestors rally at Penn State UniversityCredit: Rex … Read more

Musk ‘to make shock visit to see Israeli PM’ after row over ‘anti-Semitism’

[ad_1] ELON Musk is reportedly due to visit Israel next week to meet with PM Netanyahu after explosive rows about anti-Semitic content on X/Twitter. The tech boss has come under fire for failing to tackle hate speech on the platform, as well as sharing anti-Semitic content himself. 3 Elon Musk, owner of X/Twitter is due … Read more

TikTok used as breeding ground for hate after anti-Semitism & Bin Laden storm

[ad_1] TIKTOK has been blasted as a breeding ground for hate after a rant by Osama Bin Laden went viral and the app was accused of allowing rampant anti-Semitism. The popular social media site – which has some 1.8billion users worldwide – is facing urgent calls to tackle the alarming spread of vile content, especially … Read more

It is appalling that Maureen Lipman needs a bodyguard as anti-Semitism soars

[ad_1] Britain shamed OUR pictures on Pages 8 and 9 shame Britain. They shame every Islamist racist. 1 It is utterly appalling that Jewish ­Corrie star Maureen Lipman needs a bodyguard on setCredit: Zenpix They shame everyone who has let their sympathy for Palestinians morph into wicked anti-Semitism. They shame hard-left extremists who foment this … Read more

Rishi Sunak hits out at shameful antisemitism as he says: “Not in our country”

[ad_1] RISHI Sunak last night hit out at the “shameful antisemitism” hitting our streets as he told racists:  “Not here – not in Britain…not in this century”. The PM said he understood the terror sweeping through the UK’s Jewish communities as he vowed to crack down on thugs stirring up hatred and division. 2 Prime … Read more

Starmer under pressure to expel Diane Abbott from Labour over ‘anti-Semitism’

[ad_1] SIR Keir Starmer is facing calls to expel Diane Abbott from Labour after she was accused of “spouting hateful anti-Semitism”. The party leader is under pressure to permanently kick her out after suspending her from Labour yesterday. 2 Diane Abbott has been suspended from the Labour party for claiming Jewish people couldn’t suffer from … Read more

Labour will apologise as party gets clean bill of health on anti-Semitism

[ad_1] SIR Keir Starmer last night hailed a major turning point as Labour were finally given a clean bill of health on anti-semitism. The Labour boss issued another grovelling apology to thousands of activists and members who were let down and driven out by the party after facing “appalling abuse” under ex-chief Jeremy Corbyn. 1 … Read more

Kanye West plans to run for US President in 2024 despite anti-semitism row

[ad_1] RAPPER Kayne West plans to run for US President in 2024 despite being embroiled in an anti-semitism row. The Grammy Award winner launched his Ye 24 campaign yesterday with a series of social media posts. 1 Kanye West has announced his intention to run for president in 2024Credit: AFP He claimed Donald Trump was … Read more

What happened to cast of The Young Ones – from sudden death to antisemitism row

[ad_1] THE YOUNG ONES has received a trigger warning for its ‘racist and homophobic’ content – but what happened to the sitcom’s stars? The fortunes of the former students of Scumbag College could not be more different. 6 The five main cast from the 1982 sitcom The Young OnesCredit: Alamy Forty years on from when … Read more