Fury as US government refuses to reveal details of Harry’s visa application

[ad_1] THE US Government was last night branded ‘outrageous’ for refusing to reveal details about Prince Harry’s American visa application – on the grounds he had a “right to privacy”. It came as a bid by campaign group the Heritage Foundation to uncover whether he lied about his drug use was rejected for a second … Read more

Captain Tom charity shares statement over daughter’s spa application

[ad_1] CAPTAIN Tom’s charity has today shared a statement after his daughter was accused of applying to build a pool complex in the hero’s name. It comes after UK Times last night exclusively revealed Hannah Ingram-Moore was said to have used the lockdown fundraiser’s name to revamp her £1.2million home. 2 Captain Tom Moore’s daughter … Read more

Captain Tom trustees say they knew NOTHING about daughter’s spa application

[ad_1] CAPTAIN Tom Moore’s foundation trustees say they knew nothing about his daughter using the hero’s name to build a spa complex. Hannah Ingram-Moore, 52, and husband Colin have been accused of using the lockdown fundraiser’s name to build the 50ft by 20ft pool house with changing rooms, toilets and showers. 3 Hannah Ingram-Moore reportedly used her … Read more

When is the FAFSA 2023 deadline and how do I make an application?

[ad_1] EACH state has its own deadline for financial aid for students. Here is everything you need to know about submitting a Free Application for Federal Student Assistance (FAFSA) for the 2022-2023 academic year. 1 The Free Application for Federal Student Aid provides finances to students to fund their educationCredit: Getty What is the deadline … Read more

I’m furious after my passport application was refused over my NAME – it’s ridiculous

[ad_1] A PENSIONER was infuriated after the Passport Office refused his application over his NAME. British citizen Riad Mohammed, 69, applied for the renewal of his passport with the UK alongside his wife back in February. 4 British citizen Riad Mohammed, 69, and his wife both applied to renew their passportsCredit: Riad Mohammed 4 His … Read more

Easy passport mistake which could delay your application – and ruin your holiday

[ad_1] BRITS applying for a new passport ahead of their next holiday could see their application delayed due to an easy mistake. An 85-year-old woman had her passport rejected – because her hair was too pale in the passport photograph. 2 Having white hair could cause problems with your passport photo – and delay your … Read more