Brit PoW vows to ‘stay until the war is won’ as he makes shock return to front

[ad_1] BRITISH PoW Aiden Aslin has returned to Ukraine’s frontline – and yesterday told UK Times: “I’ll stay until the war is won.” Brave Aiden, 30, was beaten, stabbed and tortured by Russian goons after he was captured during the fall of Mariupol in April 2022. 5 Aiden Aslin is back helping out Ukraine in their … Read more

I was a POW after being blown up by Vlad’s tanks – will to survive kept me alive

[ad_1] A UKRAINIAN prisoner of war has shared his horrifying ordeal which saw him held in a Russian prison camp for 14 months. Oleksandr Didur, 30, lost three fingers, movement in his arm and his eye while defending his homeland from Putin’s army. 11 He defended Mariupol until he was critically injured in a strike … Read more

Moment Ukrainian POW says ‘glory to Ukraine’ before being ‘killed by Russians’

[ad_1] THIS is the horrifying moment an unarmed Ukrainian prisoner of war was shot dead after defiantly saying “glory to Ukraine”. The country’s foreign minister said the soldier was “executed by Russian forces” as he branded Vladimir Putin’s invasion “genocidal”. 3 Footage shows the soldier saying ‘glory to Ukraine’ before being shot multiple times Disturbing … Read more

Brit POW returns to Ukraine & speaks about moment he was captured by Russia

[ad_1] BRAVE Brit Shaun Pinner has returned to Ukraine and spoken for the first time about the moment he was captured by Russian forces in his daring bid to escape Vladimir Putin’s horror siege of Mariupol. The ex-Royal Anglian soldier, who had been fighting alongside Ukrainian troops, has also revealed how army training in resistance … Read more

POW held captive by Russians to join veterans for Remembrance Sunday parade

[ad_1] A BRIT held prisoner by the Russians in Ukraine will join other veterans for tomorrow’s Remembrance Sunday parade at the Cenotaph. Shaun Pinner, 49, who served as a Ukrainian marine for four years, was captured by Putin’s invaders during the defence of Mariupol in April. 4 Shaun Pinner, 49, who served as a Ukrainian … Read more

Freed Brit PoW finally reunited with devoted Ukrainian wife after months apart

[ad_1] FREED British prisoner of war Shaun Pinner has finally been reunited with his devoted Ukrainian wife after months apart. Brave Shaun, 48, flew into the arms of Larysa, 43, who gave him with a new wedding ring to replace the one his Russian tormentors stole. 4 Freed British prisoner of war Shaun Pinner has … Read more

Sick words of Russian who asked me if I wanted ‘beautiful death’ says POW

[ad_1] A BRIT captured by the Russians in Ukraine today details his remarkable five-month survival fight — and how his captors said his death could either be “quick” or “beautiful”. In his first interview since being freed this week, brave Aiden Aslin, 28, tells UK Times on Sunday how he was beaten up, stabbed and … Read more

POW electrocuted & forced to listen to Abba for 24hrs in torture sessions

[ad_1] HOSTAGE Shaun Pinner was electrocuted, stabbed, subjected to a mock execution and forced to listen to Abba during his time in captivity. The ex-British Army soldier had to endure Mamma Mia over and over during 24-hour music torture sessions. 6 Shaun Pinner says Russian captivity was ‘hell on earth’ and thought he would be … Read more

Ukrainian soldier’s shocking war injuries after POW was captured by Russians

[ad_1] A UKRAINIAN soldier has revealed his shocking war injuries after the PoW was captured by Russian forces in the besieged town of Mariupol. Mykhailo Dianov was held captive by Mad Vlad’s troops for almost four months before being released with 215 others in a prisoner exchange this week. 6 Mykhailo Dianov was one of … Read more

Video of ‘Russian soldiers castrating Ukrainian POW’ sparks outrage

[ad_1] HORRIFYING footage has emerged showing cruel Russian soldiers castrating a Ukrainian prisoner with a box-cutter, Kyiv claims. The sicking clip appears to show a group of men in Russian camouflage with “Z” patches holding down a soldier in Ukrainian uniform as they mutilate him with a knife. 4 The sick perpetrators were dressed in … Read more