Gaming degrees and a speedrunning dog – the biggest news from the week

[ad_1] JANUARY is thought of as the quiet month for the gaming industry after the huge number of releases prior to the holidays. However, there have been several big gaming news stories that have excited gamers with a feeling that 2024 could be just as strong as 2023. 1 Peanut Butter is the first speedrunning … Read more

Xbox fans are furious as next blockbuster game is missing a key feature

[ad_1] XBOX just held its latest Developer Direct, showing off five games coming to Xbox and PC in 2024. One of the games shown is a long-awaited sequel and Xbox exclusive that initially wowed fans. 1 Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 has been universally praised for its graphics.Credit: Ninja Theory Over the years we’ve seen plenty … Read more

Harrison Ford returns as Indiana Jones in post Raiders of the Lost Ark title

[ad_1] The original Indiana Jones trilogy is much beloved by fans, while the later two films have had a mixed reception. Now, the next Indiana Jones adventure is going back to Indy’s heyday, set between Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Last Crusade. 2 Classic Indiana Jones is back on a new adventure.Credit: MachineGames … Read more

Xbox fans were wowed by the Developer Direct – here’s everything shown

[ad_1] XBOX fans were excited to see the games that were being showcased during January 2024’s Developer Direct. Featuring five games, mostly from Microsoft owned game studios, it gives a first look at some of the big games being released this year. 1 The first footage from the upcoming Indiana Jones game was shown.Credit: MachineGames … Read more

I’m a Pokémon fanatic and this recent release isn’t anything like I thought

[ad_1] WHEN the first images of Palworld were shared, there was something very fishy about what we were seeing. There was definitely-not-Decidueye and legally-distinct-Lilligant among a number of other suspiciously Pokémonesque Pals. 1 Palworld is more about survival crafting than collecting Pals.Credit: Pocket Pair While the Pal designs are familiar, the gameplay is anything but.  … Read more

World top university is teaching students how to ‘git gud’ at video games

[ad_1] WE’VE often been told to stop playing video games and to do something productive like studying, but now you’re able to do both. One of the world’s top ten universities is now offering a course in playing video games as an option for its students. 1 The video game course is offered at one … Read more

PlayStation fans urged to check the attic in case they have thousands in games

[ad_1] GAME collecting has seen a resurgence since the pandemic, with exceptionally rare games selling for thousands. However, the title of rarest games goes to three PlayStation titles that have copies in the single digits. 1 The PlayStation Vita is PlayStation’s last handheld console.Credit: Aleks Dorohovich via Unsplash All three games are from the developer … Read more

Popular 87-rated game has finally gotten its long-awaited sequel – and it’s free

[ad_1] A RECENT announcement has mobile gamers excited as a popular series sees its return. Coming to both iOS and Android, not only is the series making a comeback, but it will be free to play. 1 Gameplay is similar to classic Plants vs Zombies with new mechanics.Credit: PopCap Plants vs Zombies was a smash … Read more

Xbox fans vow to ‘cancel’ subscription after finding ‘cheaper’ way to play games

[ad_1] XBOX users have worked out a way to save money and still play their favorite games. It’s useful for subscribers of Xbox Games Pass who are finding the subscription expensive. 1 Xbox Games Pass users can save money if they play lots of different games each monthCredit: Getty Xbox Games Pass Ultimate costs $16.99 … Read more