A CRIMINOLOGIST has revealed the one type of victim serial killer Ted Bundy would have never stood a chance with.

The notorious killer terrorized young women and girls in the US throughout the 1970s.

Ted Bundy 'hated women with a passion'


Ted Bundy ‘hated women with a passion’Credit: AP:Associated Press
Criminologist and author Christopher Berry-Dee explained how Bundy avoided certain victims


Criminologist and author Christopher Berry-Dee explained how Bundy avoided certain victims
Bundy chose specific victims due to his 'deep hatred' and ability to hurt them


Bundy chose specific victims due to his ‘deep hatred’ and ability to hurt them

It is thought that Bundy’s final death count of 36 is much higher and that he was active in the 60s.

The prolific rapist and killer was executed in the electric chair in Florida 34 years ago on January 24, 1989.

Investigative criminologist and the world’s leading true crime author, Christopher Berry Dee discussed how Ted Bundy avoided certain victims.

The former Royal Marine ‘Green Beret’ Commando has sat face-to-face with the most notorious serial killers to see what makes them tick.

Speaking exclusively to The U.S. Sun, Berry Dee explained how he would “push their buttons” during interviews.

It was through this agitation of a “pure evil” man that the criminologist explained why some people would have been safe with Bundy.

The criminologist sat face-to-face with Kenneth Bianchi the Hillside Stranger who he called “pure evil”, adding that “you can smell evil coming off of him when you’re talking to him.”

When meeting the unshackled Hillside Strangler in a locked cubicle with no guards, Berry Dee tested the waters.

The author explained: “He just sat and stared at me. You could feel the hatred and everything else coming off of him.

“I said ‘well, you can eyeball me Ken but you only attack girls and you only rape and murder little children and vulnerable prostitutes so give me your best.’

“Then after a few seconds, I walked around to his side of the table, put my arm around him and I said ‘you’re a miserable son of a f****** b****, give me a smile I’ve come all the way from England.’

“His brain just stopped working, he couldn’t figure out what was going on.”

After doing this to a number of serial killers he concluded that “they just can’t figure it out because they’re used to being threatening and intimidating with women and children but when a man does it their brain fuses.”

Bundy targeted young women and girls and attacked, sexually assaulted, tortured, raped, and killed them before dumping their bodies.

He often returned to the sites of the bodies to have sex with the corpses or collect trophies.

In a final despicable act, he requested that his ashes were scattered in Washington’s Cascade Mountains – the range where he left the bodies of a number of victims.

Berry Dee explained how serial killers typically “take out their frustrations” on one group of people or specific individuals.

Much like animals, killers are lone hunters who know where their prey “swim in shoals.”

He said: “Bear in mind that Ted Bundy never attacked a man.

“Only vulnerable women that he crept up on and killed – Bundy would never hit a man.”

He added: “I always say that if he was in a British late-night curry place and somebody was mouthing off because they had a few drinks after a footie match and Ted Bundy turned around and said: ‘do you mind being quiet, I’m having a curry here with my girlfriend’

“He would’ve had his teeth knocked down his throat!”

Bundy only attacked people who were vulnerable, who he could manipulate, and most notably, who he could overpower.

The criminologist who has handled the casts taken of Bundy’s teeth to match the bite marks on Lisa Levy’s buttock reflected on the killer’s crimes.

Bundy “hated women with a passion. That’s echoed by the overkill, the smashing in of the head.”

In 1978, well into his killing spree, Bundy attacked four women in the Chi Omega sorority at Florida State University in just 15 minutes.

Margaret Bowman, 21, was attacked with a piece of firewood before being strangled with her stocking.

Lisa Levy, 20, was beaten and strangled before she was sexually assaulted with a bottle.

One of her nipples was torn and a deep bite was left on one of her buttocks.

Kathy Kleiner, 20, was bludgeoned with the piece of firewood until her jaw was left hanging off, she survived the attack.

Another survivor, Karen Chandler, 22, was beaten with a metal rod, sexually assaulted, and knocked unconscious with a piece of her own bedpost.

Chandler suffered a broken jaw, and a broken arm, and had four teeth knocked out.

Bundy’s youngest victim was 12-year-old Kimberly Leach, while the oldest known victim was Julie Cunningham, 26.

It is thought that he could have as many as 100 victims.

Bundy would often pretend to be injured with a cast on his arm or crutches in order to lure in women and girls before his violent attack.

Berry Dee said: “This is the same with a lot of killing there is utter deep hatred inside for some reason and they take out all of this frustration on one person.

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“They know where their intended prey swim in shoals, they sniff it out and they’ll watch and they’ll wait and then they’ll select the weaker one of the herd or the one who has left the group, the one who is walking to a taxi in the rain – he’s waiting.

“They’re patient and they’ll strike and that’s it, they’re dead.”

The bitemark left in Lisa's buttock was a key piece of evidence that led to Bundy's downfall


The bitemark left in Lisa’s buttock was a key piece of evidence that led to Bundy’s downfall
Kimberly Leach was 12 years old and Bundy's last victim


Kimberly Leach was 12 years old and Bundy’s last victim
Bundy was sentenced to death by the electric chair in Florida


Bundy was sentenced to death by the electric chair in FloridaCredit: Getty

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