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This is where you can find Channel 5’s Britain’s Poshest Farm Shop


BRITS love a good farm shop to browse, in the hope of picking up some delicious fresh bread or locally sourced produce.

To celebrate this Channel 5 have brought viewers their latest heartwarming show, Britain’s Poshest Farm Shop.

Channel 5 has brought viewers Britain's Poshest Farm Shop


Channel 5 has brought viewers Britain’s Poshest Farm ShopCredit: Getty

Where is Britain’s Poshest Farm Shop?

Britain’s Poshest Farm Shop features several shops from all across the UK.

The two-part series is narrated by Patricia Hodge and is a warm and touching look at why we all love a farm shop.

Over the course of this mini-series viewers will get see all the mouthwatering goods that are on sale at these incredible establishments.

Here we take you though the posh farm shops that are featured in this Channel 5 show.

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Doddington Hall Farm Shop 

Doddington Hall Farm Shop in Lincolnshire


Doddington Hall Farm Shop in LincolnshireCredit: Doddington Hall

Since 2006, the Elizabethan Doddington Hall found in Lincolnshire has been the much-loved family home of Claire and James Birch.

The couple told The Lincolnite that their award-winning farm shop wasn’t built on “being posh”, but was “born out of a passion to provide our customers with good quality, seasonal, local food.”

Claire’s family have lived in the Hall for over 190 years, devoting themselves to the upkeep, repair and progression of the Doddington Estate.

Over the last 16 years, the Birch’s have developed the Farm Shop with all proceeds going towards the upkeep and conservation of the historic Hall and Gardens.

Welbeck Farm Shop 

Welbeck Farm Shop in Nottinghamshire on the Welbeck estate


Welbeck Farm Shop in Nottinghamshire on the Welbeck estateCredit: Google

This posh farm shop can be found on Welbeck Estate in North Nottinghamshire.

The estate is owned by the Duke of Portland and the shop is managed by Oliver Stubbins.

Since launching in 2006 the farm shop has provided shoppers with good quality fresh, locally-sourced food and drink.

At this posh shop you’ll find artisan breads and pastries, handcrafted ales, and cheese, all crafted at Welbeck, and milk from the estate’s pedigree dairy herd.

The award-winning butchery counter stocks meat and game that’s been traditionally reared on the estate or sourced from local farms.

Cowdray Farm Shop

Cowdray Farm Shop in Sussex on the Cowdray Estate


Cowdray Farm Shop in Sussex on the Cowdray EstateCredit: Cowdray Farm Shop

Britain’s Poshest Farm Shops also shows Cowdray Farm Shop’s commitment to its estate and locally sourced produce,.

Found in Sussex, the Cowdray Estate is internationally recognised as the Home of British Polo.

Farm Shop manager Rupert Titchmarsh told Sussex World: “We are very proud of our offering focusing as we do on the very best produce that the Estate and the wider area has to offer such as locally grown asparagus and Susana & Daughters Cowdray Estate Kefir which both feature in the programme.”

Rhug Estate Farm Shop

Rhug Estate in North Wales


Rhug Estate in North WalesCredit: Google

This farm shop is part of the famous Rhug Estate nestled in North Wales.

The property, which can be found near Corwen, covers 2.5K acres.

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The estate, run by Lord Newborough – aka Robert Wynn – is also well-known for having its very own drive-thru, farm shop and restaurant on site.

The shop – which boasts well known customers that even include the Royal family – is stocked with estate reared livestock.

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