TIPPING Point viewers were left stunned after host Ben Shephard’s brutal jibe at a contestant’s poor performance.

The host savagely mocked one of the contestants after a very unsuccessful round on Wednesday night’s show.

Mel managed to get two questions correctly


Mel managed to get two questions correctlyCredit: ITV
Ben roasted Mel


Ben roasted MelCredit: ITV

Mel tried her luck on the notoriously tough Tipping Point machine in the hopes of bagging a big cash prize.

But unfortunately Mel failed to rack up much cash.

And things got worse for her as she rarely got any correct answers during the quickfire questions from Ben.

She only managed to get two questions right leaving her and Ben very disappointed.

Ben didn’t hide his shock as he said: “Oh Mel! You’ve got two correct answers in there now.”

Mel was left cringing: “Oh dear.”

Then Ben added: “You probably wouldn’t have been able to answer her own name” during the show.”

Luckily Mel found getting roasted by Ben funny as she laughed and smiled despite her embarrassing performance.

Mel got knocked out after that, finishing with just £200 behind rivals Ellie and Andy who had both scored well over £1000 at that point.

At the end of the show, contestant Andy made it to the final and walked away with £2800.

He decided to play it safe and take the money rather than trade it in for a chance to bag the £10k jackpot counter.

Tipping Point airs weekdays at 4pm on ITV1.

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