WRESTLER Scott Hall, professionally known as Razor Ramon, passed away after being taken off life support Monday afternoon and several other wrestlers like Hulk Hogan have shared tributes following his death.

WWE broke the news of the retired wrestler’s death at the start of its show, Monday Night Raw, on March 14.

Earlier this month, Hall, 63, was rushed to the hospital after falling and breaking his hip. He then suffered three heart attacks after a blood clot got loose, and was placed on life support.

Many of the former wrestler’s friends took to Twitter and other platforms to pay tribute to the star, including Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Hulk Hogan, and Paige.

In a video on Twitter, Hogan gave a tribute to Hall apparently at his bar in Tampa and said, “Scott Hall resurrected me. He put me back on the map. I love him.”

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  • WWE obituary

    The WWE website shared a touching obituary for Scott Hall after his passing.

    “WWE is saddened to learn that two-time WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall has passed away,” it began.

    “A hugely influential Superstar, Hall began his career in 1984, performing with various organizations across the country before joining World Championship Wrestling in 1991 as The Diamond Studd.”

    “In 1992, Hall signed with WWE and introduced fans all over the world to the character of Razor Ramon, becoming a four-time Intercontinental Champion and one of the most enduring personas of WWE’s ‘New Generation.'”

  • Fan shares personal video of Hall

    One fan tweeted a video that his father recorded when he was Hall’s Uber driver to remember the wrestler.

    “I’m here with your dad, and he told me you’ve been acting up a bit,” Hall joked in the video.

    “If I hear anymore about that, the bad guy’s gonna swing by your crib, and you aren’t gonna like that.”

  • Hulk Hogan: ‘Scott Hall resurrected me’

    A video on Twitter shows professional wrestler Hulk Hogan giving a tribute to Scott Hall apparently at his bar in Tampa.

    “Thank you God for taking care of my brother,” Hogan says in the video. “He took care of me.”

    “Scott Hall resurrected me. He put me back on the map. I love him.”

    “Bad times don’t last. Bad guys do,” Hogan said, quoting his friend.

  • When was Scott Hall taken off life support?

    The WWE star was reportedly removed from life support Monday afternoon.

    According to reports, he survived on his own for several hours before passing away Monday night.

  • Scott Hall’s ring names

    Scott Hall went by a variety of ring names as a wrestler.

    They included The Diamond Studd, Razor Ramon, American Starship Coyote, Texas Scot, and his real name, Scott Hall.

  • Acting career

    In addition to the money he made as a wrestler, Scott Hall earned some from acting, as well as from brand endorsements.

    He appeared in character as Razor Ramon on The Jerry Springer Show and had a show on YouTube called Last Call with Scott Hall.

  • Hall and the New World Order

    Hall was a multi-time WWE Intercontinental Champion during his run with WWE.

    Hall enjoyed great success working for Vince McMahon and claimed the Intercontinental Championship.

    He and best friend Kevin Nash then shook up the whole business when they quit WWE after failing to agree to a new contract and headed to rival promotion WCW.

    The pair and Hulk Hogan then formed the iconic New World Order faction that led to WCW beating WWE in the TV ratings for 83 weeks.

  • When did Scott Hall retire?

    The WWE star retired from wrestling in June 2010.

    After retiring, he has made sporadic appearances at events.

  • Scott Hall was charged with murder

    In 1983, Scott Hall shot a man with his own gun after wrestling it away from him.

    He was charged with second-degree murder, and the charges were dropped due to a lack of evidence.

    Hall claimed he shot the man in self-defense, and in a 2011 ESPN interview, he said he is unable to forget what happened.

  • Does Scott Hall have children?

    The WWE star shares two children with his first wife Dana Lee Burgio.

    His son, Cody Taylor, was born in 1991, and his daughter, Cassidy Lee, was born in 1995.

  • Hall’s international wrestling promos, continued

    Hall worked for the World Wrestling Council in Puerto Rico from 1990 until 1991. (WWC).

    On March 3, he won the WWC Caribbean Heavyweight Championship by defeating Miguel Pérez, Jr.

    On April 20, he was defeated by Super Medic III.

  • Hall’s international wrestling promos

    Hall joined New Japan Pro-Wrestling in 1990, teaming up with Larry Cameron to defeat Hiroshi Hase and Kuniaki Kobayashi at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan, on March 2, 1990.

    He battled for the promotion on multiple occasions, against opponents like Bam Bam Bigelow, Koji Kitao, Nord the Barbarian, and Shinya Hashimoto.

    On December 22, 1990, Hall participated in the Catch Wrestling Association (CWA) in front of 6,000 people in Bremen, Germany at the “Catch Cup ’90” event. In the tournament final, Hall was beaten by the Soul Taker.

  • Scott Hall and the AWA, part three

    The AWA World Heavyweight Championship was later offered to Hall, who faced Stan Hansen and Rick Martel.

    Despite Gagne’s best efforts, Hall despised the frigid weather in the territory, seeing the AWA as a “sinking ship,” and left for the NWA in 1989.

  • Scott Hall and the AWA, continued

    Hall created a tag team with his more experienced buddy Curt Hennig, whom he subsequently credited with helping him develop his early pro wrestling career.

    On January 18, 1986, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the duo beat Jimmy Garvin and Steve Regal for the AWA World Tag Team Championship in a 58-minute battle.

    Buddy Rose and Doug Somers, Nord the Barbarian and Boris Zhukov, and Bill and Scott Irwin were among the champions’ opponents.

    On May 17, following Colonel DeBeers’ intervention, they lost the championships to Rose and Somers via countout.

    Hall and Hennig quickly parted ways after losing the championship.

  • Scott Hall and the American Wrestling Association

    In 1985, Hall joined the American Wrestling Association (AWA), where he competed under the names “Magnum” Scott Hall and “Big” Scott Hall. He used to wrestle as a babyface.

    Following Hulk Hogan’s departure for Vince McMahon’s World Wrestling Federation, AWA owner and promoter Verne Gagne sought to push Hall to the same heights as Hogan.

    Gagne had Hall imitate Hogan’s demeanor and movements.

    Between 1987 and 1990, Hall also traveled to Japan, where he fought in multiple matches for New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW).

  • Scott Hall and the National Wrestling Alliance, continued

    American Starship was booked to wrestle seldom at initially, to the point that the two were hired as ground staff members for the Charlotte Orioles.

    They had little success when they did enter the ring.

    The highlight of their time with Crockett’s Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling was a lost challenge for the NWA National Tag Team Championship to Arn and Ole Anderson.

    In 1985, they joined Bob Geigel’s NWA Central States territory, located in Kansas City, after leaving Crockett.

  • Scott Hall and the National Wrestling Alliance

    Hall debuted in the National Wrestling Alliance’s (NWA) Florida region Championship Wrestling from Florida (CWF) in 1984 and quickly developed a rivalry with Dusty Rhodes.

    In Florida, he and Dan Spivey trained together mainly under Rhodes, but also under Mike Rotunda and Barry Windham.

    When it came time for them to make their tag team debut, Rhodes assigned them to Jim Crockett’s Charlotte, North Carolina region.

    Hall wore the ring name Starship Coyote and Spivey wore the ring name Starship Eagle when they first debuted as American Starship.

  • Where is Scott Hall from?

    The former WWE wrestler is from St. Mary’s County, Maryland.

    He moved around every year when he was a child, and went to high school in West Germany.

  • How tall was Scott Hall?

    The WWE wrestler stood at a towering six feet, seven inches, and his billed weight was 287 lbs.

  • Health struggles and substance use

    Hall previously revealed how he would use steroids to enhance his performance in the ring.

    He would then take cocaine after a match and mix downers and booze, washing anti-anxiety med Xanax, down with beer, he had previously said.

    His health had been much better since his retirement.

  • Hall was hospitalized after fall

    After a bad fall earlier this month, Hall was hospitalized and reportedly suffered a broken hip.

    Jerry Jarrett broke the news about Hall via Facebook.

    He said: “Just got off the phone with my friend Scott Hall.

    “He fell and broke his hip and he’s in the hospital. Prayers will help him recover.”

  • Was Scott Hall married?

    Scott Hall was in three different marriages, with two women.

    Scott was previously married to Dana Lee Burgio in 1990. However, the pair divorced in 1998. A year after their divorce, Scott, and Dana remarried in 1999, only to have their second divorce in 2001.

    Subsequently, Scott married Jessica Hart in 2006. However, their marriage ended within a year after they divorced in 2007.

  • Hall of Fame

    Hall was inducted into WWE’s Hall of Fame in 2014.

    Hall then received a second induction when the New World Order members were added in 2020

  • Hall had spring appearances scheduled

    Hall previously had plans to attend WrestleMania this year in April.

    He was scheduled to hit Dallas, Texas for a number of appearances up until his accident and subsequent death.

  • What is WrestleMania X?

    WrestleMania X was the World Wrestling Federation’s 10th annual WrestleMania professional wrestling pay-per-view event.

    It took place in Madison Square Garden in New York on March 20, 1994.

    The WWF Championship, which was defended in two battles, was the main event of the pay-per-view.

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