LOTTERY enthusiasts across the UK are gearing up for the chance to win an extraordinary £112 million jackpot in the EuroMillions SuperJackpot.

The jackpot takes place next Friday and has the potential to soar to an eye-watering £200 million. Here’s how you can grab 10 lines for just £1 to avoid missing out.

The draw has the potential to reach a staggering £200million*


The draw has the potential to reach a staggering £200million*Credit: getty
  • Get 10 entries for £1 with Lotto Social – visit here

The prospect of such an enormous jackpot win is even more of reason for you to enter – just make sure that you do.

Lotto Social is a world-renowned syndicate provider with over 15 years of industry experience, and to give players more chances to win big, they are offering 10 entries for only £1.

The EuroMillions SuperJackpot draw takes place on Friday 29 September and entry for the draw will close at 7.30pm.

Without the promotional offer, you’d typically spend a whopping £25 to acquire 10 lottery tickets if you played on your own, whereas playing in a  Lotto Social syndicate is a cost-effective option for anyone wanting to try their luck.

You could potentially change your life for less than the price of your daily coffee – how good is that?

  • Get 10 entries for £1 with Lotto Social – visit here

You won’t want to miss out on being in with a chance for the huge jackpot, get £10 entries for £1 at Lotto Social.

According to Camelot, one in five jackpots are currently won by syndicates, so it’s already a popular way for people to play and win.

In addition to the jackpot games, members also have access to a number of instant win and skill games for free, with some cash prizes reaching up to £7,000.

The exclusive offer of ‘free games for life’ means members can play other instant win games for fun, but still win real cash prizes.

Unlike bets, syndicates such as Lotto Social are all genuine tickets from the National Lottery, where all proceeds go to good causes in the UK.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on a chance of a big win to find out more information and full terms you can visit this page*.

The EuroMillions SuperJackpot takes place on Friday September 29 2023.

Entry to the draw closes at 7:30pm and the winning numbers will be announced at 8:45pm.

  • Get 10 entries for £1 with Lotto Social – visit here

Terms and Conditions: A Flexible Membership of £1 for your first 10 lines, then 3.25 per draw thereafter, charged weekly at £6.50. That’s 10 lines Tues + 10 lines Fri. Plus free games. Cancel anytime.

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