TOP Boy has been thrilling fans since 2011, despite viewers having to wait SIX years to get a third series.

But the show is now back for a fourth season on Netflix, and we have a FULL recap of what happened in the first three series’.

Ashley Walters plays Top Boy in all four seasons


Ashley Walters plays Top Boy in all four seasonsCredit: Netflix

Top Boy season 1

Airing from 2011 to 2013, Top Boy is set on a housing estate in London and the first season was an introduction to the young people dealing drugs on the streets and involved in the world of gangs.

Rapper/actor Ashley Walters plays drug dealer Dushane, alongside Kane ‘Kano’ Robinson who plays dealer Sully.

The show followed Dushane and Sully are they tried to deal with the hard choices they needed to make as top drug dealers in Hackney.

While it also focused on the story of Ra’Nell (Malcolm Kamulet) as he tried adjust to life while his mother recovers from mental illness.

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At the end of season 1 Lizzie (played by Lisa Dwan) had agreed to become Dushane’s new supplier, providing him with 15kg of drugs per month to sell.

Knowing this was to be a mammoth task he could not do alone, audiences half-expected him to turn to his long-time companion, Sully for help.

But instead, he turned to his arch-nemesis, Jamie (Micheal Ward) to become the biggest drug suppliers in London.

Top Boy season 2

After the police uncover a body, Dushane had to deal with the repercussions while also attempting to stay ahead of friend turned rival Sully.

Meanwhile, Ra’Nell’s mother attempts to rebuild her life, and Gem tries to enlist Ra’Nell’s help in combating a new threat.

Series Two also introduced Jason, an abused youth who attempts to survive in a world corrupted by violence and drugs.

Towards the end of the season, Sully and Mike go forward with kidnapping Jermaine who promises to get them their money in exchange for his life.

Meanwhile, Dushane faces problems with his drug empire thanks to a new gang of Albanians.

Jermaine’s brother discovers it was Sully who is holding him hostage and plans to kill him but, when he seeks help from Dushane, is convinced to kill the man who put the hit out – Mike.

As the episode draws to a close, Jermaine’s brother kills Mike.

Top Boy season 3

Series three picks up as Dushane returns from exile to his home in London to reclaim his throne in the highly lucrative drug market.

He teams up again with Sully, his spiritual brother, partner and sometime rival who is also returning to the same streets after his own form of exile – prison – comes to an end.

Awaiting them both is Jamie, the young, hungry and ruthless gang leader whose ambitions leave no place for Dushane and Sully.

Much to the delight of viewers, the season ended with Dushane and Sully coming out on top, despite going up against new rival Jamie.

Although Jamie was always one step ahead of the twosome, they managed to get him locked up and therefore reclaimed the streets for themselves.

Along the way, Sully killed long-time friend Dris (Shone Romulus) after he betrayed his trust and Lizzie changed allegiances by the end of the series and sided with Dushane over Jamie.

But in the end, Dushane wanted to work with Jamie and offered to help him get out of prison if he agreed to work for him.

How can I watch Top Boy season 4?

You can watch the fourth series right now on Netflix.

Season 4 dropped at 8am on March 18, 2022.

You can also catch up with all of the past seasons on the streaming site as well.

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