GOING on a cruise is normally a relaxing experience.

But if you suffer from seasickness, the idea of spending a week on a boat will turn your stomach.

Cruisers offer tips on how to avoid sea sickness


Cruisers offer tips on how to avoid sea sicknessCredit: Alamy

Cruisers have shared tips on how to avoid feeling sick while onboard, and your room choice is critical.

Reddit user Radiant-Remove-9989 posted on the social network website offering advice to new cruisers on where best to stay.

They wrote: “If you get seasick, book a room in the middle of the ship because you can’t feel the boat rocking as much as you would at the ends.”

American cruise company Celebrity Cruises confirmed a room in the middle of the boat is the best way to avoid motion sickness.

On its website, it says: “To reduce motion sickness, choose a room in the middle of the ship on a lower deck.

“You will feel any sway of the ship less in this section.”

The price of a room on a lower deck is usually significantly cheaper than a room on a higher deck as it won’t have as good of a view.

Celebrity Cruises recommends that any passengers who suffer from seasickness should book a room with a window or balcony to get fresh air.

It also advised cruisers who feel queasy to keep they eyes on the horizon.

Cruise company Carnival also had some recommendations to help people avoid feeling sick at sea.

The company’s main tip: keep your eye on the horizon.

Watching the water speed past can be disorienting so focusing on one spot can help stabilise yourself.

Dr Shore, chief medical consultant at Royal Caribbean, recommended some herbal remedies that can help alleviate motion sickness.

He said: “Ginger seems to be helpful, and some people find various aromas like anise, basil, chamomile and peppermint can help.”

Even if you’re a veteran cruiser and you’ve never had seasickness, Reddit user Kanadark recommends bringing medication anyway to avoid being caught out.

They wrote: “Even if you never get seasickness, pack seasickness medication.

“Learned that the hard way on cruise number four.”

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Getting fresh air helps with seasickness


Getting fresh air helps with seasicknessCredit: Getty
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