IT’S finally time to throw out that spiralizer.

Pasta is back on the menu, after an expert has revealed the comforting carb can form part of a balanced diet.

Pasta can help with shedding the pounds by keeping you fuller for longer


Pasta can help with shedding the pounds by keeping you fuller for longerCredit: Getty

Nutritionist Emma Beckett of the University of Newcastle, says studies have also shown that people lose more weight when their diet includes pasta regularly.

“So instead of quitting spaghetti, consider reducing portion sizes,” Emma writes in The Conversation.

A portion of pasta (145g) contains a 7.7g of protein – a macronutrient which has been shown to help aid weight loss by keeping you full for longer.

Emma also suggests switching to wholegrain pasta which she says has a which has a higher fibre content which has benefits for gut health and can also help you feel fuller longer.

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“Gluten-free pasta has slightly less protein than wheat pasta. So, despite being healthier for people with gluten intolerance, there are no increased health benefits in switching to gluten-free pasta for most of us,” she adds.

And the news for pasta gets even better when we eat it as leftovers.

“When pasta is cooked and cooled, some of the carbohydrates convert to resistant starch,” Emma explains.

Starch is resistant to digestion, so it uses less energy and is better for blood sugar levels.

“So, your leftover pasta, even if you reheat it, is lower in calories than the night before,” she adds.

Researchers have previously said it is “wrong to demonise carbohydrates”.

Dr Gunter Kuhnle, of the University of Reading said pasta should not be “banned” from meals, and when it’s “consumed in moderation” it is “good to your health”.

He added: “The data clearly shows that consumption of a carbohydrate rich food such as pasta does not have to have an adverse effect on body weight.”

However, experts warned Brits to be aware of portion control.

Dr Aseem Malhotra, advisor to the National Obesity Forum, said: “Quantity is key.

“If you’re eating lots of vegetables, olive oil and oily fish then having small amounts of pasta as traditional anti pasti (first course) is unlikely to be harmful or contribute to adverse health consequences and obesity.”

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