WILKO has been on the high street since 1930, but shoppers are finding surprising new ways to cash-in on the best bargains – even 92 years later.

Even if you’re a loyal customer, you might find you’ve been shopping at the store all wrong this whole time.

Wwe reveal how to find the best bargains at Wilko


Wwe reveal how to find the best bargains at WilkoCredit: PR HANDOUT

We’ve found four ways to bag the best deals, so make sure you check before you check out.

Wilko was originally called Wilkinson Hardware Stores, but fans know you can get a whole lot more than just tools for your garden shed in the shop nowadays.

You can still pick up a lot of DIY products, but there’s also homeware, cleaning products, stationery, kitchen and bathroom goods, as well as snacks you can pick up with your shopping too.

You can browse and buy all of these online, or in person at one of the brand’s 400 stores – use Wilko’s locator tool to find your closest.

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If you do take to the web to find your Wilko bargains, keep in mind that there’s a £5 charge for delivery.

It’s also worth noting that it’s NOT a bargain unless you were planning on buying it anyway.

You should also have a shop around before hitting the buy button – as other retailers might have similar products on sale that are even cheaper.

You can use price comparison tools like Google Shopping to help you maybe find a better offer.

Here’s how you can bag a bargain at Wilko:

Use online to your advantage

Wilko’s website will take you straight to all the best bargains if you know where to look.

On the top rail there’s a tab called “Offers” filled with all things discounted, from garden furniture to paint and more.

When we checked, you could get up to 40% of cleaning products as well as 25% off garden furniture.

Another tip is to make sure you’re following bargain hunting forums and other online communities.

We spoke to Dan Plant, a deals expert who never pays for ANYTHING full price if he can avoid it.

He explained that using sites like Hotukdeals or forums like Latest Deals will help you narrow your search for the best bargains.

You can type “Wilko” into the search bar at the top of either deals blog and all the current offers will pop up for the store – along with handy hints often from other shoppers who’ve tried it for themselves.

You can also set alerts for when offers related to a search term like this pop – that way you’re always in the loop with new bargains.

That looks familiar…

Wilko can be a great place to look for a cheaper version of something you’ve seen elsewhere.

With Wilko’s extensive homeware range and more, there’s plenty of products that possess a striking resemblance to other pricier products on the market.

You can cash-in on these dupes and save yourself a fortune.

Last summer, the store sold a fire pit that was cheaper than Aldi’s, for example.

One mum even teamed up the discount products offered at Wilko with cheap bargains from Poundland to create The White Company dupes that otherwise would have been cost a lot more.

Sign me up

Wilko sends out a virtual newsletter to fans with everything they need to know about what’s going on in-store and online.

If you’re not signed up to it, you could be missing out on a barrage of bargains that are easy to cash-in on.

It’s free to do, you just have to let them know your email address.

Signing up to the newsletter means you get sent offers, latest product launches and new seasonal trends straight to your inbox.

If you have enough of the emails, you can unsubscribe at any time too.

Mix it up

This tip is for any shoppers with a sweet tooth.

Wilko hosts a massive half price Pick and Mix deal on holiday occasions throughout the year – and shoppers flock to cash in on the cheap sweets.

It last brought out the deal for Halloween, but with Easter right around the corner, shoppers should keep their eyes peeled in case it returns.

Pick and Mix can often be an expensive way to fill up on a glut of goodies as sometimes it’s priced by weight or the size of the tub.

Usually a medium portion would cost Wilko shoppers £2 but it’s been slashed to just £1 in the promotion in the past, saving them 50%.

A large is normally £3, but during each limited run it’s only £1.50, and an extra large is normally £2 in the deal down from £4.

You don’t normally get long to cash in though, so if a new offer does crop up next bank holiday set your alarm as you’ll only have about a week to get down to the store and stuff your tub.

And a final tip for Wilko shoppers that won’t save you money but could make visiting a store more convenient – you can now take your pooch along.

Wilko announced earlier this year that dogs would be allowed in some of its shops so customers wouldn’t have to leave their furry friends tied up outside.

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